Here We Are

Here we are with a great entry to the blog scene and tbh erm…. yeah lol (totes). This post here at Cuppajoe really is great for us and the creative team of me, myself and I lol and where else would we be in the world than a little sleepy town where not much happens. Guess (handbag) what lol? Well erm… yeah totes this really is a good time of year for the festive season to arrive and the Christmas takeout coffee cups are already upon us and well we can’t be more excited. Just to throw something extra into the scene this time of year with the leaves changing colour is perfect for the flat cap to make its entry into the winter wardrobe and be preferably tweed. Not much else really tbh to write in this post today however, there is one more thing to mention and that is PUMKIN SPICE!!!!!

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