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Code geeks prepare lols

This is just another entry to the blog and tbh yeah why not there isn’t much else to do in a little sleepy town where not much happens (Adele( dropping bangers btw)). After last weeks post I am writing to say to you all lovely readers that well for us all at Cuppajoe (me and I) that well its getting exciting. The Christmas shopping is getting underway in my little sleepy town which is in fact a city and there is a vibe around the city seen in the last few days before this post and well I like it. I think so many residents do also. the wide variety of buskers seen and shoppers that every year come from many corners of the north west to shop really gets the city into a great mood. ONE major point to put out there atm is that many people are flocking to the shops to buy presents which is a major point of Christmas and well the shoppers haven’t disappointed thus far. THUS, what we can say at Cuppajoe is let’s have a great Christmas shopping period this year and buy many gifts and hope to receive many gifts also.

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