Just Another Blog Post

hey hey peeps.

Just here writing another post for the page and well tbh I cant emphasise enough how great it is here in my dusty little town where not much happens. Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! Well anybody who frequents the city knows well enough what this time of year brings for all businesses small or large and here at the cuppajoe team of I we love it. Chester is in the cuppajoe opinion best at two times of year 1. when the races are on even though it can annoy some shops 2. Chritsmas shopping. Both times of the year winter or summer whether its Pumpkin Spice or Prosecco most residents and visitors alike do agree generally that Chester is a great city. Just putting it out there peeps a hidden gem in the city even though most residents and visitors know is DOWN BY THE RIVER! Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter the river never seems to disappoint. The visitor that does not know about this hidden gem especially when the sun is shining at any time of the year needs to walk down which takes only a few minutes from many parts of town due to its central location. OK so rant about the river over have a great day peeps.

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