Christmas Shopping In Chester!

Its that time of year

hey hey peeps! Its that time of year for Christmas shopping and well in the little city of Chester its going great for the businesses and the shoppers alike. After being out on Saturday and seeing all the people enjoying themselves drinking coffee, mulled wine and buying festive gifts at the Christmas market and it being pay day weekend also it can be said in this lovely city that the festive season is definitely upon us. I can’t emphasise enough after last year of having no Christmas market and it being the same in many cities the staff and businesses at the market stalls and the shoppers are really bringing this lovely little city to life for all to enjoy. Being a Cestrian (a person from Chester) as we are affectionately known across the region I can say with great satisfaction and perhaps others can also say that two times of the year the city really comes to life. One. being the Christmas shopping period and Two. the races. Let’s not get into the races atm its a while off and we are all enjoying mulled wine and buying gifts anyway. So YEAH the little city of Chester is really buzzing at the moment and the people who live in Chester and people travelling from further away are also enjoying all that the city has to offer.

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