The Christmas Tree In Chester City Centre

Its that time of year when the annual Christmas tree in Chester is erected in Saint Michaels Row in town and tbh this year I love the tree. If anybody knows if the tree was erected last year because of lockdown it would be great to hear and see a photo of the tree. So yeah peeps its that time of year now!! and well the cuppajoe team of me, myself and I are happy and feeling festive and out buying gifts because the cuppajoe team believe that both the giving and receiving is important every year and all times gifts are bought. Furthermore, it is strongly believed that there are some essentials that people need at this time of year and cuppajoe believe a good festive coffee blend is essential with notes and tones of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. However, if I was to pick a festive spiced blend of coffee to drink and maybe line 255 in the code continuum of people there was not a chai eye in the house when i grabbed a coffee before. Hasta barista baby!

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