Half Time In The Christmas Shopping

Hey Hey peeps It’s half time in the Christmas shopping period in the lovely little city of Chester this year and well the team are happy lol. In these last few days of shopping mayhem in our little piece of heaven in the world where nothing ever happens we are all feeling festive. Well the cuppajoe blog team are anyway BECAUSE we have got ourselves organised this year to make up for last year like so many people are doing in our town. It’s also great to see people from all walks of life getting into the festive spirit even if they decided to only take a pic of the lights or the Clock like so many people are doing. What else can we tell our avid user base about town these last few days well erm….. people are out drinking as to be expected and it appears the girls are making an effort and the men aren’t (sound familiar to any women). Making a broad sweeping statement by any terms or means, women are making an effort to be festive in the styling when drinking whether it be a lovely dress, coat and heels combo or just chilling and well the men of Chester aren’t bothering (we are going with the two genders here to make this statement). Furthermore, the artisan craft beer people/companies/hipster (does hipster even exist anymore) are doing a great trade in our city and the smaller independent bars are doing well and so are the larger chains of pubs/bars. To conclude even though the men are generally letting us all down with there choice or outfits (plain and blending in) the Chester bar scene is doing really well this festive period.


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