Coffee In Chester

Hey Hey everybody!

I am saying hey to you all from the wonderful city of Chester in the month of December 2021 and well tbh the festive vibe is fully in the city now and we are all hanging out lights on our front gardens and houses and well It’s great!! When it comes to coffee in our lovely city there are so many places and options for the discerning coffee fanatic and we say fanatic quite lightly because we at the cuppajoe team are coffee lover’s. We LOVE coffee and all coffee stuff whether it be a nice bag of beans or ground coffee, a personalised logo, t-shirt, a brew guide or indeed or blog! what does grind our gears though is people who don’t like coffee it really get’s to us because well who doesn’t need a morning brew to fuel themselves to the afternoon brew every day decaff or caffeinated we love all coffee. Guess what peeps? We also like it when our friends the barista makes us a lovely coffee in our favourite blend or uses our favourite syrup. Furthermore, we have a recommendation for all readers of our lovely little corner of the internet and that is it doesn’t matter if the coffee is from a chain store or an independent store what matters for the cuppajoe team is the friendly barista who we are friends with and also making a great cup of coffee. Whether it be from a single origin blend, a ground blend or made at home what matters most is visiting a friend who makes the coffee for you with a friendly smile and pleasant conversation whilst the brew is being sculpted. FRIENDS matter peeps whether it be a visit to the coffee shop to say hello, a hello in town saying hello, being polite, respectful, and showing to a friend that its appreciated!

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