Tough Weekend

hey hey heeeeeey!!

hey people! tbh what a weekend in the little city of Chester where not much happens and guess what people erm well erm It’s been ok kinda. I have seen so many people out and about the city centre and the walkin vaccination centre at the Cathedral is going well and so many people have been and got which ever dose they needed. The people of Chester our quaint little city where not much happens has responded well to the vaccine drive by the Cathedral and tbh it is quite a proud moment for the fellow cestrian. Furthermore, what else can be said about this apart from WELL DONE!!!!! In other news in this little spot of the internet well erm yeah how about that lol xx peeps listen up yeah we are doing ok here in Chester and this weekend (writing on Sunday evening) the city has responded well. This includes the visitors to the city, the baristas fuelling us with coffee (there are some baristas that do come to mind), the local buskers including they guy who has been about doing his little cute show attracting attention and tbh I don’t know who this guy is he does do a good show though. So yeah peeps in this little covering of the lovely city yeah yeah peeps it has been an ok weekend considering and all cestrians can be proud of their city. To conclude this little post, it has been great to see considering the many people out enjoying themselves the same as last weekend and guess what peeps yet again the women have made more of an effort than the guys which comes as no surprise to many. So yeah it has been okay in the little city.

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