Isaac Newton Day

Hey Hey peeps!!

I hope everyone had a good Isaac Newton day this year and tbh the Scientist in me made a discovery in the continuum of space and time in the stratosphere of the Cestrian abyss. Guess what peeps it has been discovered that with a little bit of scientific reasoning and experimentation that yes coffee is quite a good brewed beverage applying the topologist equation of not being able to tell tea from a coffee cup. lol

So there you have it peeps a Scientist can’t tell the difference between a tea or coffee cup from a doughnut and as its doughnut day the stratosphere of the Cestrian abyss is bubbling with excitement of being able to purchase a free doughnut from the doughnut stand. As doughnut has the word NUT in does that mean there are nuts or are they nuts lol.

So well erm well erm yeah peeps there it is and well the cuppajoe team can’t cope with the excitement of doughnut day and grabbing a coffee and when factoring in the topologist well erm yeah how about that.

TBH we kinda spaced out this post in paragraph form today because well why not lol


We have gone off the draw a 1×1 metre square to hide in when Newton drops the mic after a banging speech at the Apple keynote.

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