What Is Going On?

Hey Hey peeps!!!!!

Tbh we don’t know whats going on at all atm and do you know why because we have no idea at all lol.

It appears in the Chester continuum of the ecclesiastical court of Chester that well erm yeah we don’t know what is going on at all atm and we are all confused by what appears to be an erm an emergence of not knowing whats going on. It appears to be affecting everyone from all walks of life whether it be a Barista in a coffee shop, the coffee consumer, the shop keeper well everybody and yes we don’t even know what day it is. This strange continuum in our fair little city where nothing every happens is having a crisis or shall we say moment and well tbh we are ok. When we say ok we do say it lightly due to the fact that for the last week or so since Isaac Newton day and others in space and time say Christmas day we haven’t had a clue what is going on at all. As you read this post it does highlight the fact we are having a moment and tbh the Cestrian doesn’t mind and do you know why? We shall pause for self refection (moment of calm reflection) and guess what peeps? yes you guessed it, we all enjoyed time with family and friends this festive/holiday period and that is what matters most to the Cuppajoe team of I and the friendly Barista’s fuelling the little city we all call home. When we say fuel we do mean the good stuff the little coffee bean full of the greatest goodness and the smile on the face when consumed that provides us all with sheer joy and excitement every day of the week, morning, noon and night. So peeps that is it we still don’t know what is happening and we don’t mind one little bit LOL!!

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