BIG UPDATE!!!!!!!!

Wowzers Peeps!!

Hey Hey Peeps!!!!! Wowzers what an update for us all this weekend and you couldn’t write it as a script lol. How do I put this to all the viewers of this little blog well erm tbh yeah if you know you know and its between the cuppajoe team!! It totally blew our mind away the price of a cup of Java lol. In addition, in the lovely little city of Chester I can say to you that not much has happened this weekend apart from the usual Saturday shopping frenzy we all know and yes well erm today has been chilled. So a pretty standard weekend really peeps. I am writing this on Sunday night and we can say here at the cuppajoe team that it has been a great week for our fair little city we all call home. In further news peeps it would appear that people have lost it (I KNOW!!!!!) wowzers peeps. Well erm yeah we couldn’t believe what we heard this weekend and we will share with you now. Yep you guessed it and tbh it was completely obvious to all and that is the award for best closed shop sign still in existence in our little city goes to them all for one very apparent reason. We loved those shops!!!!!! well the cuppajoe team certainly do anyway for one simple reason….. we saw the tweet highlighting these signs otherwise we would have never noticed at all on our daily commute to the coffee shop peeps. So there it is people the weekly update from the cuppajoe team.

MUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!

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