Hey Hey Peeps!!!

I am writing today with a status update for you all in our lovely little city we all call home. Yeah thats right peeps our lap times will soon be terrible again and we even worked out a pit area also which would work well lols. In other news peeps there has been quite a shift in the Chester constellation of the Atmos with well erm yeah we all know and so do you and well LOLS!!!!!! Yeah thats right people we couldn’t believe it and neither can anyone we have spoken to also. Unbelievable is the words spoken by everybody and its been a tough week for the coffee community and all Cestrians alike. When we heard we immediately told everyone and then began to question everything we had heard that week. It appears that a single origin blend from the eastern most points and mountainous regions even higher than the welsh hills (mountains) have far surpassed all expectations in the coffee community and do you know why peep? We couldn’t believe it at first and it was tough for us all Cestrians and that is it was superb!!!!!! So there it is peeps and well yeah!!!!!!

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