Hey Hey Peeps!!!!

Tbh peeps I am suitably baffled in our fair little city, urban bliss, utopia, metaverse and tbh peeps this is the reason why. It appears that a large amount of the sweet stuff has not been consumed by the cuppajoe team in recent days and that is due to the unforseen anomaly in the simulation spectrum of our fair little city we all call home. I drink coffee therefore I am a Cestrian and I know why!!!! Yeah that is the reason peeps the thriving urban metropolis, urban bliss, sanctuary, concrete jungle we all call home has been shaken to its core by the simulation theory that we all have come to love. WOW!!!!!!!! You have heard it here by the cuppajoe joe eye in the pie reporting team in our urban utopia and holy moly you know what we all know in our little urban bliss, metropolis. Summoned by the bat signal turned on by the unassuming violin guy playing the soundtrack to the city we all call home. I know peeps this is quite a lot for the Cestrian to understand when navigating the streets in our fair little city we all call home. In other news peeps deliveries are all ok and we just love the sweet stuff made by the friendly barista.

So there it is peeps!!! WOWZERS!!!!!!

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