Hey Hey Peeps!!!

I am writing todays post on Toilet Etiquette because peeps and citizens of our quaint, lovely little urban bliss, utopia, part of the atmos etiquette in toilets is very important. We aren’t talking about the usual things that pop to the mind that many people suffer from peeps we are talking about the big issues here. The big issues peeps are factors such as when queueing at the toilet in the coffee shop and when entering the toilet certain rules need top be obeyed for the benefit and sanity of the Cestrian in our urban utopia. Furthermore, this is what we mean peeps

  1. Don’t follow someone in to the toilet. Yes the sign says toilet and could imply more than 1 however there isn’t and don’t walk in after someone.
  2. Don’t ask someone in the queue if you can get past. this is highly rude and could imply you are bursting when the person in front isn’t.
  3. Don’t take an obscene amount of time in there. really this shouldn’t need to be said however not everybody knows this one.
  4. Men!!!! don’t adjust your pants as you walk out of the toilet do it inside the toilet. This applies to most men out there.
  5. Women!!!! do your thing and what you need to do regardless of the person behind you waiting it is fine and don’t worry the chances are the person behind you will do exactly the same thing.

So there you have it peeps my little rant of toilet issues this last week in our little urban bliss where people take pics of the clock and the Cathedral to post online.

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