Hey Hey Peeps!!

Today’s post centres around the cuppajoe team visiting the friendly side barista today for the sweet stuff, the golden nectar in a cup made fresh and tastes all the better because some love was added to the creation. We found ourselves today saying ‘same again please’ when ordering the sweet stuff bestowed upon us by the coffee gods in our fair little city where not much happens. It felt to us like we were ordering another beer at the bar when saying ‘same again please’ lol. WOWZERS! peeps that is correct we really do like the good stuff, the sweet brew, the magic in a cup that all Cestrians enjoy every day of the week in our fair little city. In other news peeps The little city of Chester was quiet today well it is a Monday peeps and we haven’t seen our fair little delivery driver for a few days delivering all the sweet creations of our fair little city we all call home. In other news peeps the violin guy is still dropping bangers for all to enjoy and we really do admire the guy and his singing assistant and she delivers harmonic vocals to the bangers he drops daily for the Cestrians and the tourists to enjoy. Finally, we have noticed an Instagram graffiti guy doodling creations in our fair little city, urban bliss, township and we like the guy. So there you have it peeps the weekly round up from our urban utopia and we are all happy and well caffeinated.


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