Hey Hey Peeps!!

It has been a great few days for the cuppajoe team of me, myself and the friendly barista in our fair, quaint, little city, metropolis we all call home. The cuppajoe team have been working all week drinking coffee made by the friendly barista and also the side barista and we even saw new coffeelovers in the city. The new coffee lovers peeps are the new people visiting the city we all call home buying coffee, it could be a vacation, visiting, shopping we didn’t ask and we should of asked peeps and do you know why? When we see a new coffee drinker in the city we immediately know whether they could be coffee drinkers and also day drinkers by one little thing peeps. They are polite to the friendly barista and say thank you when the greatest goodness in a cup is served by the friendly barista. In other news peeps the city is working well with people doing there daily thing whether it be a coffee or a walk ‘down by the river’. In a new breaking development peeps we do see when the word ‘coffee’ is in her bio and it immediately gets the cuppajoe team and the friendly barista’s attention and we like it because it shows coffee love Cestrians. When we saw ‘coffee’ in her bio peeps the cuppajoe team and the friendly barista had a meltdown in the coffee shop because we knew the coffee love. So there it is peeps the weekly update from our fair little city where not much happens.



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