Hey Hey Peeps!!!!!

Hey people, fellow citizens and the friendly barista of our fair little city where not much happens hello hello. lols. I am writing this post after a weekend of saying ‘how nice is it’ to everybody whilst we had this lovely weather when out and about and on video calls. What we can say people and citizens is that wowzers we had such a nice weekend in our fair little metropolis where not much happens. The climax of the weekend and at the time we didn’t know was the tree person in the city centre walking around for the crowds to enjoy and yes they did enjoy the tree person. We were all amazed by the tree persons presence in the city on Saturday and many people took photos of this person and we generally enjoyed the spirituality of the moment. In other news peeps the barista served us great coffee all weekend and today also the friendly barista and the side barista made the sweet stuff for us and it was good. Furthermore, in other news, the local celebrity the violin guy was not spotted in his usual gig spot outside the old Debenhams by the team today. It doesn’t mean he wasn’t dropping bangers it is we were parked in our usual spot for his greatness and we didn’t see the creative genius today. the violin guy must of been at a secondary gig spot because well it is Monday. So there it is people of the bustling metropolis the cuppajoe post to celebrate the friendly barista and the tree person. xx

#muchlove xxxx

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