Hey Hey Peeps

Hey peeps! This blog post is dedicated to the bustling metropolis, urban utopia we all call home Cestrians the city of Chester and the many people living, wandering and visiting the city. We have found especially today (writing on a Saturday) that the bustling city we call home was in fact very busy today. We do know that on a Saturday the city is generally very busy however today was on an epic scale peeps. We think at the cuppajoe team that it is due to the fact that the weather is so nice and many people are saying exactly what last weeks post was titled ‘how nice is it’, ‘lovely weather’ and the sort. In other news peeps we can say to you the violin guy must of heard us over his violin because we have seen the lovely fellow dropping bangers for the crowd day after day this week and we do admire the guy. Furthermore, to continue this weeks post peeps we feel at cuppajoe that we must highlight the great work by local artists in decorating BT substation boxes in the city that powers the phone lines and also high speed internet in the city centre. In addition, we do feel Cestrians with many phoneboxes being disconnected recently in a more UK wide issue that these decorations are in fact lovely and really appreciated by all that do see them. To summarise, this week the weather has been perfect for the Cestrian, the visitor and the shopkeeper in our lovely metropolis we call home.


#muchlove #coffee #love

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