Hey Hey Peeps!!!!!

I am writing this entry on a Monday and tbh people today has been a mixed day for the cuppajoe team. It all started with unwelcoming weather today in our little metropolis where not much happens which made the commute to the coffee shop for the sweet stuff tough. In addition, it just didn’t work out for the team today in our sweet utopia. Furthermore, I can’t stress enough how difficult the modern life/commute/coffee drinking/out out is without a charged phone with a minimum of 80% battery. It really is testing peeps having low battery especially when the camera is needed to take selfies and also pics of the sweet cup of coffee. Rant over! In other news avid readers of this little corner of the internet we have an update. The update is peeps and we cannot stress this enough. The tourist spots in our lovely city have been underused today and we can say that yes it is a Monday however if all us cestrians want the metropolis to thrive outside the coffee shop we need to visit tourist hot spots, take pics and also make a purchase to help the spot stay alive and be the cultural hub of the city. So there it is peeps the weekly update from the team and I will leave and finish this post with one final thought for the day an emotional quote/thought provoking words of wisdom and that is ‘get out there’.

Thanks peeps


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