Hey Hey Peeps!!!

So here we are chilling, not doing much on a Sunday afternoon and tbh peeps its great for the team and do you know why? It is because tech that fuels our lives has become all the more important with every text/email/post and guess why peeps? It is because it keeps us connected with the people in the cuppajoe teams lives and this is important purely because if we didn’t take a photo/post something/write an email were we really there and did we really write it. In other news peeps another hot topic in the brewing space/time atmosphere of the Cestrain utopia is that we saw the violin guy playing the guitar!!!!!!!!! I KNOW PEEPS!!!! WHAT AN UPDATE!!!!! WE COULD’T BELIEVE IT EITHER!!! The violin guy was dropping bangers with his guitar and the local Cestrian was amazed by his skill with another instrument on Saturday afternoon by the town hall. So there it is peeps the weekly update by the team


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