Hey Hey Peeps xx

I am writing todays post with a theme/idea of food and how delightful food is for us and all that prepare food. Well where do we start and well erm yeah talking about sandwiches the big news is Costa have changed there food recently and well erm yeah we do not know what to think about it. Is it a good thing we have new sacred snacks to go with our daily coffee even though coffee is all we need peeps. The answer is yes we do need a good sandwich and where ever the vendor is in town its bought from a sandwich is very important in the Chester space/time continuum for this very important point. The reason being when we break the bread and celebrate the goodness in our mouth we are supporting the business that has prepared this delightful food snack that goes so well with a paper plate at parties. We must also not forget cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick to go with our paper plate at a party. So there it is peeps essential food the sandwich and also the sweet cocktail stick delights that adorn a paper plate.

#muchlove peeps


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