Hey Hey Peeps!!!!

Heeeeeey Peeps

We are writing todays post regarding having a gentle afternoon being carefree and casually strolling in the quaint city of Chester. We start with this presumption peeps that people do indeed know the city we Cestrians all call home our lovely city, sprawling urban metropolis. The violin guy was doing his thing on Saturday working his magic for the crowd and we saw him in full flow bringing music alive and the city alive for us all to enjoy. Many people were out doing there thing shopping in the glorious weather and we were very happy for them. When it comes to casually strolling the city on the weekend we can say this readers and that is it felt great to walk the city this weekend. The citizens and visitors alike were almost hand in hand to the sound of the cash register at the checkout and the sound of the street busker and it gave the city a great vibe. The cuppajoe team were very busy drinking coffee in the city all weekend and what we noticed was the friendly people doing various activities ranging from shopping, visiting the Cathedral, drinking in one of our many bars and everybody enjoyed themselves.

When we talk about the May festival that took place this week in our glorious city we can say that many many people enjoyed the festivities when it was raining and also when it was sunny and then when it was raining again. We do understand that the shopkeeper doesn’t enjoy the races sometimes however the amount of dresses and suits sold must help towards paying the rents in the shop unit so it is a bittersweet thing for many people.

So there it is peeps the weekly blog post from the team and we shall finish this post saying one final thing and that is drink coffee, talk to people and enjoy the coffee experience.


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