Hey Hey Peeps!

I am dedicating todays post about one thing, a small thing, a daily thing in the urban constellation of the city of Chester and that is being in the queue. To begin what we need to state right now is that people do understand the queue system whether that be in the coffee shop, the store, the tourist attraction. What we have found studying this hypothesis is that people don’t actually know how to queue including the team before we learnt this one small trick.

The Trick

Here is the trick peeps

Stand there in the queue and don’t jump the queue, study the options, understand some people haven’t visited before, understand this is a queue,

There you go peeps there is the magic trick for a better life, better experience, better ordering skills, better fulfilment, better skills in life.

To finalise this post peeps we would like to say we noticed

There it is peeps the weekly post from the team


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