ME TIME!!!!!!

Hey Hey Peeps

I am writing this post with a need for me time and I am going to explain why its important peeps. Me time is important because of this one small thing and the one small thing is this peeps. The crucial ingredient like a super cool cup of sweet coffee for me time is actually having me time. What the cuppajoe team means is this having a scheduled time of the day, a day of the week, or if you a super chilled all the time is important for life. Such as water is life, me time whether having a spa day, coffee and chill, Netflix, an indulgent bath with a bath bomb me time is good to unwind daily stresses and forget about things for that one small moment.

The way the team has me time is this

What we do is be there for the moment.

Whether it be relaxing with a speciality cup of the sweet hot beverage goodness that we all Cestrians love, lay down and chilling, a good boxset, a super bath bomb, we have many ways of relaxing. What is important is how each person finds that special moment every day, every other day, the weekend and finds peace from the hustle and bustle of life.

So there it is peeps the weekly post from the team in the glorious city of Chester and todays top news is ‘have me time’.


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