Hey Hey Peeps

I am writing todays post about the gateway to the abyss the Cestrian abyss in our lovely little city with a little corner of the internet with a passion for the sweet coffee. To begin, this is what we learnt from the abyss the metaverse gateway in our city. We learnt that with such as doorway to the abyss in the lovely Cathedral the Indiana Jones in all of us is very excited about it. To gaze upon this entrance to the metaverse in our fair little city where not much happens we noticed and learned so much about our metropolis and it follows. What we learnt is that so many people don’t know yet that this entrance to the continuum located slightly to the right of the current abyss entrance has not yet received much notice from the local Chester enthusiast. Because they don’t know the metaverse entrance has been completed and will allow for Gladiator style entrances with grandeur to the battle of the greatest visitor to the cathedral competition. The cathedral visitor with no local knowledge about the building competition that happens daily will now have an epic sword battle after entering competing against the greatest competitor of them all avoiding the voluntary contribution.

So there it is peeps the weekly update written on a soggy Sunday of this bank holiday weekend.

#muchlove #love

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