Hey Hey Peeps

Hey Hey Peeps. I am writing this post after an eventful jubilee celebration period and now life is vastly back to pre jubilee normal in the city of Chester. What we can say and what we have learnt is this peeps. Firstly what we can say is this the city was alive the few days before the celebrations began, during the jubilee period of 4 days and what we have learnt is that the workers in this fair little city got very angry and very fed up with making an iced latte all day every day. The non normie coffee drinkers we out in force ordering the same drink and that is how we knew they were newbies to the scene in the city.

What is very important peeps is this the newbie in the coffee shop irritated the friendly barista and fellow workers to the point of quitting very half an hour because of the newbie ordering skills of the very same drink. This also applies to any warm day when the newbie orders the same drink and the friendly barista knows the newbie.

So yeah peeps if one more person orders an iced latte in our fair little city this summer all will know they don’t know about the sweet coffee beverage that all Cestrians love all day every day in our bustling tourist, university metropolis, metaverse where not much happens.

So there you have it peeps the weekly blog post from the friendly cuppajoe team who are always busy drinking the sweet stuff we all love. There are rumours of tea being drunk by fellow caffeine addicts and we would like to address the versies (controversy) and that is peeps we are ok with it because it is fellow appreciation.


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