Hey Hey Peeps!!

I am dedicating this post to the soft drink that is served at coffee watering holes in our great metropolis we all call home the coffee shop in our glorious city. What can we say about the soft drink and our thoughts of its naming. We can say this peeps that whether it be the dreaded barista order of an ‘iced latte’ by the newbie to the scene or indeed a fizzy water a soft drink is a staple of the hot weather for the newbie. The hardcore enthusiast will still drink the sweet, kind, caring warm beverage whether that be a coffee or indeed a hot cup of tea (we addressed the versies last post) and when we say either it can be kind of. Our thoughts on the naming of ‘soft drink’ we can say this peeps. A ‘soft drink’ appears to originate from the times in the past of when a drink was hard and people needed to be able to tell the difference between hard and soft. WOWZERS, yeah we know peeps and we are already into an investigation in to the origin of the hard drink and we currently believe it has a stone hard content.

To finalise this weeks post peeps being in the British country of the UK we are experiencing quite an emotional period of unrest with the barista making vast quantities of ‘iced lattes’ for newbies when the experienced drinker goes for and indeed orders the good stuff.


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