Hey Hey Peeps

Hey Peeps. I am writing this post regarding a review of a coffee shop in our glorious city we all call home Cestrians.

Well what can I say peeps. I didn’t go to see the friendly barista for this coffee shop review and do you know why Peeps? The answer is because I wanted to try a new spot and this is what I found.

When I entered the coffee shop I was greeted with a friendly hello which is normal for a coffee shop and I entered the queue. When I was in the queue some guy was talking on his phone which was a bit obnoxious and over the top for the coffee shop. when it was my turn to order the friendly barista not the friendly barista took my order and I was pleasantly pleased about the whole interaction with the friendly barista. My coffee order which wasn’t a newbie order arrived soon enough, I wasn’t waiting for an abnormal amount of time it was a speedy coffee manufacturing process so i was quite pleased with the whole interaction. However, and this is a big however my name was spelt correctly so I couldn’t take a photo and it ruined the whole interaction in the coffee shop. Furthermore, I decided to taste the sweet goodness in a cup and it was gooooooood lol. However, it wasn’t as good as the friendly barista and the quality I am used to I did though get a friendly smile so all was good.

So there it is peeps my visit to a coffee shop just don’t tell the friendly barista for me.

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