Hey Hey Peeps

I am writing this post in a review format about being ‘down by the river’ in our sweet little metropolis we call home Chester in the UK

The Review

Well peeps what I can say is this about being along the waterfront of the river dee in our glorious city where not much happens and it follows. Upon entering the front of the river by the seating area outside Hickorys smokehouse where people park there cars and motorbikes and by the ice cream stand it is quite a pleasant part of the river promenade. It is also duly noted that at this time of year July the peddle boats are available to hire varying in prices from rowing yourself to motorised power and what we found is thus. We found that many people do enjoy this activity and they also enjoy paying for the little lady diana tour boat to go right up the river turn around and come back down the river to be ‘down by the river’. We have also in recent days in the good weather discovered for ourselves even though we knew it was there an ice cream kiosk further down selling snugburys ice cream and it also serves coffee which we can recommend to Chester visitors. One thing many visitors to this part of the city don’t know is there is also many little side pathways heading back up the little hill past the walls where the English civil war siege of Chester breach was made by parliamentarian troops. Yep peeps a little history with the blog post also which 95% of passers by don’t notice and is well worth looking at due the the fascination of history in this small city and imagining how the soldiers centuries ago fought a battle/siege warfare in our small city. To finalise this mid week post review of being down by the river it is important to say the prices of ice cream is fair and about average and don’t expect a parking space during the day for a limited period of time it is best to walk down to the river front.

So there you have it peeps a formal review of part of our little city for all to read and the first of many reviews which will always feature a different aspect of the city and also unknown things and little factoids for the pub quiz.

Have a great day peeps


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