Hey Hey Peeps

Hey peeps. I am writing this post regarding the worst rated toilet in the city of Chester and how it is lols. Well what can we say about this toilet in the city.

Here is the review

Well citizens of Chester. Most of you know about this little hidden gem of a toilet in the city and the way you will know about it is if you have the pleasure of using it and complaining like most people do. The worst rated toilet in the city goes to Caffe Nero on Bridge Street in our lovely city and the reason is two fold and self explanatory to all who have used it. The reasons are thus. Upon entering the coffee shop all is normal for a coffee shop and we can say the coffee is good here. However, after having the coffee a problem arises and that is I need to go and use the restroom/lavatory/toilet and this is what the toilet user has to overcome to take a much needed break. The stairs downstairs are fairly dimly lit and twisty stairs heading down and tbh this is the good bit about this toilet. When getting to the bottom of the stairs it is duly noted there is low headroom of a maximum height of about 5 foot 10 and even people shorter than this height stoop down to avoid banging their head. Furthermore, when entering the toilet the headroom is lower about 5 foot 9 and anybody higher has major problems standing up in this closet toilet. There is also always some vibe of the toilet and 2 foot by 2 foot waiting area which is located in the basement of a Georgian building and there is the problem because the building is about 250 years old and basements were built with lower headroom then. More often than not it also smells like how most public toilets do however there is one small thing about the worst toilet in Chester which does go some way to save it. It is a very quirky toilet and those who like quirkyness will enjoy the experience and hobbit toilet of Chester hidden away in the basement of Caffe Nero. This is an experience those visiting the city, the tourist will never experience and it is worth using this toilet to gain experience of the hobbit style life and after using all toilets in coffee shops, restaurants, bars, public toilets, train station toilets will be an easy visit and experience from then on.

So there it is the review of the worst rated toilet in Chester which prepares you for an easy experience of toilets in places in the future.


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