Hey Hey Peeps

Hey Peeps. This post is all about the least ordered coffee in Chester from a particular coffee shop and why its the least ordered in Chester. To start with the premise that it is indeed made in most Indie/trendy/hypebeast coffee shops and ordered frequently however in this particular shop it isn’t. The coffee that is ordered least is a Cold Brew coffee from Costa on Watergate Street in town. Tbh peeps we were surprised when we found out this little factoid ahead of the upcoming heatwave (we are writing on Saturday) that Costa do indeed make cold brew and the reason is this. Cold Brew doesn’t feature on the menu board and we were astonished that it isn’t even known about by frequent customers to Costa. To make things even more interesting for the Cold Brew lover is that it is made every day, doesn’t feature on the order screen and most don’t even know this drink exists at Costa. To further the astonishment when we found out it’s hidden away from view in the fridge behind the counter where we guess other cold beverages are stored. Maybe a jar of jam is also stored there and we really don’t know what else is in the hidden storage abyss of Costa. We are going to investigate this matter further in the coming weeks and there will be a follow up post with our findings of what is contained in the hidden fridge and if there are any goodies and freebies to be had. Because if it doesn’t feature on the order screen does it even exist as a drink that can be ordered from Costa.

There it is peeps the weekly post about the least ordered drink from a coffee shop in Chester and quite frankly its unbelievable.


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