Hey Hey peeps

Hey peeps. I am dedicating this blog post about the benefits of sitting outside certain coffee shops in the city of Chester and why it is so beneficial to the coffee drinker. So far on our coffee quest in the city we have noticed three premium sitting areas outside three coffee shops in the city where it is an advantage to sit outside for this one reason. The one reason being that they are perfect vantage spots in the city to see what is happening on a daily basis in Chester.

The three spots

  1. Caffe Nero on Bridge Street.
  2. Jaunty goat and Cinderbox next door.
  3. Costa Coffee on Watergate Street.

These three spots for sitting outside ranging from two chain coffee shops and two independent coffee shops have added benefits which are thus. The two chain coffee shops are positioned in places where the whole street can be seen and all that goes on. The two independents are the same with the added benefit of when it is sunny the sun beams down at an angle from above the buildings on the rows and creates a fantastic sun trap to enjoy warmth. However, on the very hot days it can even become too hot to sit in the windows of these coffee shops and even sit outside. Furthermore, this is only on maybe two to three days a year in the Cestrian climate so don’t worry peeps its all good and very good if you want to get a tan drinking coffee.

So there it is peeps three spots to sit in our glorious city where it is better to sit outside and drink coffee and see all the passers by, get some fresh air, get a tan and enjoy life in the city of Chester. Whether it be a day trip, a local venturing into the city and even the tourist marvelling at the rows and the Cathedral we have the premium spots mapped for you.


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