Hey Hey Peeps

I am writing this post regarding exasperation in the city of Chester.

Here it is

Why do so many people make the most common and simplest of mistakes every day in Chester and that is.


Its usually the newbie to the city so its not all that bad however when its a local doing it on a busy street right in the city centre with no regard to others its frustrating. We have seen this so many times in our city and its quite a problem due to the architecture of the city centre and 95% of the time its for a drop off and occasionally a pick up. There are city centre hotspots where this happens almost once a minute it can’t be helped due to the road layout so we do understand. We are still a bit frustrated also because parking is at a premium in the city all day every day with the best locations charging a high hourly rate.


Walk in to the city and get some exercise

Use a pushbike

Public transport

There you have it peeps


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