Hey Hey Peeps

Hey peeps. I am writing this post being suitably baffled by how stuff is made from stuff and all the stuff its made from and what goes into stuff and it really is astonishing.


We have made an astonishing discovery in the Chester multiverse and we couldn’t quite believe what we heard and you get the exclusive from us here at cuppajoe.

The Exclusive

Extra extra. The exclusive is this peeps and it is thus. When we found out what stuff is made from and in this case a particular beverage that the team consumes in vast quantities and its not the sweet stuff before you all gasp. We just couldn’t believe it at all and probably wont buy it for a while. We did have this idea if we consumed it in the quantity of the sweet stuff that we would become super human, metaverse androids however we are pretty sure the company has thought all about this. We can’t mention the name of the company however we have started to rethink everything.

So there it is peeps the weekly post brought to you by cuppajoe from the streets of the bustling city of Chester in the UK


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