Hey Hey Peeps!

This post is a review

Hey peeps. I am writing a review of a part of Chester that is unknown to most Cestrians and also tourists and that is sitting on a bench taking it all in. To begin, the premise of sitting on a bench is known to all it is basic and we know a part of the city unknown to most Cestrians and tourists where it is possible to sit and enjoy a sandwich/packed lunch. It is a great place to enjoy some fabulous architecture in the city and that is Abbey Square owned by Chester Cathedral. Inside this courtyard surrounded by Georgian buildings it is possible to sit on the wall that forms part of the little garden and eat your lunch. Unaware Chester walks past by the town hall all day every day and you will be uninterrupted whilst enjoying your lunch so its a top spot. A downside is no busker however if you are a local some peace and quiet can be nice and its next to the side entrance of the Cathedral so its a winner for when you want to return to the hustle and bustle of the city.

So there you have it peeps my review of the top lunch spot in the city which most people don’t know about and upon reading this post you probably won’t go anyway because everybody goes to a coffee shop for lunch.


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