Hey Hey Peeps!

I am writing this post about networking around a cup of coffee in the city of Chester and why it is so important to do. Firstly I must presume the reader knows about how to have a conversation in a coffee shop because it is different to a normal every day conversation because it is. Secondly, networking in a coffee shop is important because so many people from different walks of life do go for there daily coffee and saying hello to them is my top tip. The reason for saying hello could be because we/they both saw the pigeon that is outside our coffee spot every day eating the crumbs. That is coffee shop networking and another example is speaking to the artist guy that draws every day at the coffee shop. Bridge street pigeon and artist guy are two examples of networking in a coffee shop and you might get your next interview meeting someone working at there company at the coffee shop.

So there you have it peeps coffee shop networking is an easy skill to learn because all it is is saying hello and it can land you your next job and also see the famous pigeon that all people know in Chester who are in the know.


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