Hey Hey Peeps

Hey Peeps. I am writing this post about the price of a sausage roll in the city of Chester which will be pretty much the same price in most cities. What we can say about the price of a sausage roll whether it be a normal sausage roll and vegan is that the price is high for a sweet savory snack in the city. Upon entering many coffee shops in the city we have noticed just how high the price is for a sausage roll and tbh we could buy a sandwich cheaper and at the same price and maybe 20p more. We have found a substitute at the price of £3:75 and that is a New York deli sandwich from M&S which tbh is very tasty however if the vegan option is essential for the diet then we do recommend the vegan sausage roll. However, be prepared to pay an over the top price in the city of Chester for a sausage roll when your friend will be eating a tasty sandwich at the same price pretty much. So there you have it peeps two tasty options in the city to eat however the sausage roll is some sweet goodness at quite a high price and this frustrates many sausage roll lovers. If you do want a cheap sausage roll then head to greggs.


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