Hey Hey Peeps

Hey Peeps. I am, writing this post regarding tourists in the city of Chester.

Here we go (gasp)

Well peeps it is like this. After speaking to a tourist and having an insightful conversation with said tourist what I can say about there thoughts of the city of Chester is this. THEY LOVE COSTA (I KNOW) lols and tbh we get it because with 6 outlets in the city Costa is in the juggernaught league of the city for coffee shops closely followed by the Jaunty Goat with 4 outlets if you include Chalk. So there it is peeps the tourist from another country likes Costa coffee and was amazed when they found out they are owned by Coca Cola also and this further piece of information blew there mind. They then knew it would come to there country and they can go every day like the Cestrian with 6 outlets in the city to choose from. So to summarise peeps after having a conversation with a tourist and they said how lovely our sweet little piece of the pie is and were amazed by little factoids of the city we still find it hard to understand why they love Costa so much. We then looked inside and then we knew and if you know then you know about how good the coffee is at Costa on watergate street.

so there you go peeps, fellow subscribers and to all the cuppajoe fans based around the world the breaking news this week is how amazed tourists are by Costa coffee which is owned by Coca Cola.


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