Hey Hey Peeps

Hey peeps. I am dedicating this post about the Chester sign that has a new location in the grounds of the Cathedral and how the tourists take so many photos of it. Well where do we start. I liked how it was in its old location and went from Chester to Cheers to Chester and it was fun taking photos of the various decorations that were placed on the sign. Now the sign has a new home and I begin to feel it is also a great location for this reason and that is it is in that spot the tourists take there photos and now the sign is there. This means that the tourist taking the photo will have an even better photo of there visit to this little slice of urban bliss here in the UK. To continue, many Cestrians walk the walls every day and don’t mind in any way the tourists taking the same photo in the same spot. So with the added sign it would be expected many people in that spot however I have found it to be the same amount of tourists in the spot. However, I have not been there at busy times of the day the lunchtime rush the city experiences every day so I can’t say about then. To finish this weeks post I like the new placement of the sign and I am now pondering if it pops up in another location soon.


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