Hey Hey Peeps

Hey peeps. I am writing this post regarding Halloween in the city of Chester and all that happened this year. To start with I am assuming that most people do know what Halloween is and enjoy it. The city this year celebrated Halloween on Saturday night with so many people out enjoying themselves in the city and when it came to Monday (yesterday) people were out trick or treating and not at the party. Well this is how it felt when walking the city on Saturday and Monday . What we did notice this year was that the celebrations are year by year getting bigger and people are celebrating to levels that American people know about. What was noticed yesterday (Monday) that the levels of people out enjoying the evening even though we had high levels of rain yesterday was a credit to the city and the team sheltered. A final thought about the celebrations this year is that the principle of enjoying one selves with friends is paramount to Halloween and everyone was in good spirits.

One final thought and that is the coffee consumption in the city is at its usual levels and today being Tuesday it was normal for all to shelter from the rain in a coffee shop like we always do.


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