Hey Hey Peeps

Hey peeps. I am writing this post about the weekend in Chester and how busy and great it was. To begin, on Saturday afternoon the city was so busy we had never seen it so busy and that was because the Christmas market has started in our fair little city and people were enjoying it. That is the main reason for the city being busy this weekend (writing on Sunday evening) and it is so positive for the city the shop keepers and all visitors also. What we did notice over the weekend is that some shops have started black Friday deals already and people are out getting discounts off products. So it is good for the shop and the consumer also. The coffee has been good in the city this weekend and the usual coffee haunts were very busy as can be imagined with the addition of a Christmas market and we also in the city have a new market. The new market is proving popular also which means at the moment there are two markets in Chester which has attracted so many more people to the city on this weekend. To finalise this post this week we can say to you the reader that the city is being festive and all are very happy with two markets and early black Friday deals.


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