Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post about chilling in the cold in the city of Chester at the moment which i feel many people can relate to. To start the snow arrived a few days ago and is mostly melted and what is left has turned to ice here in Chester. I feel for other parts of the UK which have had more snow than Chester and are having colder nights than the Cestrian. The top tip that has emerged from the cuppajoe team is twofold. One, when out for the day don’t have the heating on and when you get in turn the heating on and heat the house/flat all evening which works well we have noticed. Two, have a small radiator/heater on during the day heating the most important room in the house/flat and when you get in turn the full heating system on for the evening. Those are the teams two top tips during this cold spell because we have noticed that many people are out during the day at the moment mostly shopping and buying gifts here in Chester. This could also be relevant for other parts of the UK and not others due to the temperature and also the amount of snow fall. These two tips are not guidelines on how to keep the house/flat warm this winter it is just what the team have noticed this last week to two weeks.

To finalise this weeks post peeps the team feel staying and keeping warm is important this cold spell it is due the change in a few days well we checked the weather and that is what the team understands.


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