Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post about how the city of Chester is at the moment with festive shoppers. To begin, what can be considered normal in the city of Chester going for a coffee most days of the week it has been noticed that the festive shopper goes for coffee pretty much any time of the day. To continue, it appears that whenever coffee is needed the festive shopper goes with there shopping bags for the first outlet after leaving a shop which they have spent time in. It could be an hour it could be half an hour however we have noticed they enter the coffee shops almost half way through there shopping for the day. In other news, the coffee shop worker has noticed that most days it has been slammed in there little slice of Chester with people buying coffee. What this means is that the shopper needs coffee and festive food and the coffee shop needs the customer to make money it doesn’t work well for the regular customer though who visits the coffee shop every day. To finalise this post the festive shopper needs coffee and the coffee shop staff enjoy selling coffee and the regular to the coffee shop has trouble finding a seat.


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