Hey Hey Peeps

Hey peeps. I am writing this post without seeing her for a few days the friendly barista the best coffee maker in Chester and tbh I am missing her every day (6 days its been). To begin with this post I am writing thinking to myself how do I tell her she is the best barista in the city of Chester and how I miss her so much (its only been 6 days) lol. To continue, I feel the very best thing I and the team can do (me, myself and I) is to say to her that I appreciate her almost daily greeting and the most important thing for the team how good she is at making coffee. On another thought about my buddy whom I appreciate and enjoy the daily coffee visit is this. I have noticed that another barista has changed her makeup these last two days I did notice and I am unsure if her coworkers did and because its been 6 days I did think about what to do when I made my order because me and her share a common interest/skill. So, if you have made it this far in the weekly post you will know that there has been many great cups of coffee bought made by the friendly barista who all of Chester loves. We then notice another barista because it has been 6 days so as we were in the coffee shop we were puzzled lol. To finalise this weeks post we can say to the reader that we will always appreciate the friendly barista because it has been a while.


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