Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post on Saturday the 28th of January after having a busy day here in the city of Chester our glorious city we Cestrians call home. To begin. We went for our daily coffee today and we noticed our coffee buddy had made her return and we were immediately quite pleased because we noticed something different about her last time we saw her and it was this. Well we cannot say peeps its very private lols. Really it is this. We have a good customer, coffee shop barista rapport and its always great to see a friendly face. To continue, we noticed the city was quite busy today and our guess is many people have been paid and its the first payday weekend since Christmas. Compared to how quiet yesterday was it is great for the shop owner and great for the customer because some shops are still having a sale.

To finalise this weeks post we were very pleased to see our coffee buddy back at the coffee shop because it was great to see her a friendly face on a busy Saturday afternoon.


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