Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post about feeling fresh after a new haircut from the barbers and how great it is to get a new haircut and a great feeling. To begin, we the cuppajoe team of me, myself and I feel that getting a new haircut and then looking ten years younger is very important. To continue, it can be argued that the new haircut and the walk about town after can both be argued about which is best. The new haircut when the style has grown out is important because looks can be important for example being freshly shaven for work. Furthermore, to go for a walk about town with a fresh new haircut is also important because it is a great feeling walking about the city feeling fresh. It is also important to acknowledge the barber who gave you the new style and cut because without his genius making you look good you wont have so many compliments of looking good and I like your haircut. To finalise this post we the cuppajoe team can say that a guy looking good and fresh after a haircut is important for the guy and women will notice. Women may not say say however they will notice straight away as soon as you walk in to the coffee shop and also when you walk past her in the street. So there it is peeps getting a haircut is great and it feels nice to be fresh.


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