Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post about having a mutual connection and in this instance it is with a woman. We have noticed in the last few weeks that our little coffee buddy who we have noticed her we have a mutual connection the same as another barista at the coffee shop. So, what is it, we have been to the same University and this is a good mutual connection to have because we can have many chats about Uni life. So, what do we say to her now we know this. We can talk about the many nights that have been spent at the student union and she will know all to well about the place. We can also talk about mutual uni things like time spent in the library and how it is spending time in the library. So, peeps, having a mutual connection which we have spoken about to another barista helps in the making of friends and in this case it really helped the two of us chat. To continue, we feel she already knows this because we have briefly chatted about it before with another barista and she heard. So peeps, we can say this she will look at us differently now when we see her and it really helps having a mutual connection in the pursuit of friend making and it does help in love.


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