Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post on a Monday night and well where do we start in this little, small, metropolis of Chester and we do have something to say. We can say this, there are people saying that Chester is not a shopping destination anymore and we are unsure at the moment because the spring/summer shopping period hasn’t started yet. We have noticed that people aren’t shopping as much at the moment and we are at the end of February the 20th of February. However, we do feel that a Saturday afternoon in Chester the city is very different compared to the Monday to Friday working week. So, what to write tonight in the city, well we can say that the city was quiet after 4:00pm today however it did have a good vibe in a casual kind of way. To continue, we have noticed the quietness recently and so have many other people who live in the city and I feel there are less shoppers and tourists in the city during the week. We feel that this is all to write on a Monday evening for the readers of this little blog, little corner of the internet.


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