Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post today on Monday evening with not much to write about today here in the city of Chester UK. Well, to begin, we can say to you the reader of this corner of the internet that Chester was quiet today which is normal for a Monday and we had a good visit to Costa coffee. We also saw our female buddy in the spiritual shop and the two of us had a great chat. Tbh peeps not much has happened today in the little city of Chester there wasn’t much happening in the city centre today and being a local to the city a Cestrian I didn’t mind. However, the shopkeeper might if they had a slow day today. However, the weekend will more than make up for it anyway so I guess all is ok in Chester. So, there it is peeps the weekly update from Cuppajoe and we can say today Chester was quiet after being busy last weekend.


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