Hey Hey Peeps!

Hey peeps. I am writing this post about chilling with my buddies and how great it is and today I did just that. I am writing this post Monday evening after chilling with my buddies in the coffee shop today. They are both baristas and we chatted about many things during my 20 minute visit. To begin, it was cold and wet this afternoon as I walked through the city centre of Chester on my way to the coffee shop and i decided to shelter for a few minutes in the coffee shop and wait for the rain to stop. As I arrived my great buddy was working and I was glad to see him and he was glad to see me well I hope anyway lols. We chatted about the weekend and he said how he spent time with his family on Mothers day which was yesterday and I said how I also spent time with my family yesterday. He made my coffee for me which I am always happy to buy and drink and we chatted about shows to watch on Netflix and it was then he said he had been to a friends last night and got home at 1:00am. I was kinda impressed and also kinda jealous also lol because my night was spent watching two shows on Netflix. It was then the manager came out from the back who is also my buddy and I told him a joke which he liked well he smiled which is a good sign because it was a Dad joke and he is a dad so it went well the joke. I drank my coffee as I always do after buying a coffee and I have noticed recently not everyone takes pics of there coffee like everyone used to do. Perhaps this is a new trend drink a cup of coffee and not take a picture of it before drinking and post the picture and say how great the coffee is I don’t know lol. I walked a little around the city and did my daily steps and then came home to write this post. So, there you have it peeps a little snapshot of today for me in the city of Chester.


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